New Arrotex medical services division bolstering pharmacist-patient engagement

Arrotex Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd (“Arrotex”) has launched a robust Medical Sales Team across primary and secondary care, positioning Arrotex as Australia’s largest sales team across pharmacy and prescribers in the industry.

According to Chairman and CEO of Arrotex, Dennis Bastas, the new Arrotex Medical Services Division reflects the company’s ongoing investment in growth areas for community pharmacy.

“I am thrilled to introduce the Arrotex Medical Services Division as a new capability for our company. They will offer a unique approach to value creation for community pharmacy through enhanced prescriber and patient engagement.”

“The dedicated Arrotex Medical Team will help support uptake and market share growth for key products and programs within our portfolio where prescriber engagement is critical to success. The Team will further enable us to diversify and expand our new product and service opportunities to community pharmacy,” said Mr Bastas.

“Armed with Australia’s largest sales team across pharmacy and prescribers, Arrotex is now uniquely positioned within the Australian marketplace, and will continue our growth and investment in this competitive industry.”

Executive GM for Pharmaceuticals, Arrotex, Hayley Tamborini, said the expertise and experience of the Arrotex Medical Team will allow the company to hit the ground running.

“We are proud to be offering community pharmacy decades of combined industry knowledge and expertise with our new Arrotex Medical Team.”

“Given the importance of engaging prescribers, the Arrotex Medical Team will strive to bolster pharmacist-patient relationships through the provision of an enhanced experience with Arrotex-promoted brands from prescribing through to dispensing,” Ms Tamborini said.

The newly established Arrotex Medical Team has been founded with seasoned industry professionals including Darrin Nichols, Regional Sales Manager NSW/ACT; Nerida Robinson, Regional Sales Manager VIC/SA; and Andrew Cuttle, Regional Sales Manager QLD/WA and supported by a 36-strong specialist field division.