New Arrotex biologics team committed to driving biosimilar uptake

MELBOURNE, TUESDAY, JUNE 20, 2023 – Arrotex Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd (“Arrotex”) has today launched a dedicated biologics team charged with connecting prescribers and pharmacists to deliver optimal support throughout a patient’s health journey with biosimilars.

According to General Manager of Specialty Brands and Biologics, Arrotex, Matthew Donnison, Sydney, the new biologics capability that sits within the recently formed Arrotex Medical Services division, will add value to the prescriber, community pharmacist and patient experience with Arrotex’s partnered biosimilar portfolio.

“Provision of effective patient support is critical to a prescriber and community pharmacist centre of care model.

“In order to better communicate the support available to biologics patients, we required a significantly more robust patient support program to improve our patient proposition,” said Mr Donnison.

“Based on the outcomes of our Arrotex biologics education framework, which has been available to community pharmacy for more than 18 months, we have chosen to establish a team of Patient Experience Liaisons (PELs). These specialist medical representatives are well positioned to both detail, and drive uptake of our patient support services available to specialist prescribers, community pharmacists and patients, including the provision of supportive counselling through device changes, and a patient’s ongoing health journey.”

The 14-strong PEL team builds on our existing Arrotex team of pharmacist biologics educators, who collectively, will support patients through the switch from originator to biosimilar devices. Their services will encompass patient enrolment at prescription, and will be available once an Arrotex biosimilar is dispensed.

“With the launch of this innovative patient support program, Arrotex will be striving to ensure patients continue to receive the highest level of support throughout their biosimilars journey,” Mr Donnison said.

“Having one consistent stakeholder connecting specialist prescribers and community pharmacists, will provide substantial benefits in terms of communication, and engagement with both parties, and patients alike.”

Various factors, including specialist prescriber, pharmacist, and patient hesitancy, have slowed the uptake of retail biosimilar products, such as the disease-modifying biological medicine, adalimumab, for the treatment of various autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.

“It is important for the communications loop between specialist prescribers, their support networks, and community pharmacists to be streamlined, and efficient, to facilitate a patientcentric model of care,” said Mr Donnison.

“We are confident the introduction of a dedicated Arrotex biologics team will significantly bolster both prescriber and patient engagement, while better supporting community pharmacists in their patient interactions.”

Executive GM for Pharmaceuticals, Arrotex, Ms Hayley Tamborini, Sydney, said Arrotex’s biologics strategy builds on key learnings informed by a strong corporate history of representing biosimilar brands.

“The treatment pathway to a biological medication can be long and complex. Patients require reliable tools that can both support, and empower them on their health journey, with trusted access when required.

“Our strategy is evolving at Arrotex, to look beyond the biologic, and to provide streamlined solutions and quality products to prescribers, community pharmacists, and patients,” Ms Tamborini said.

“Ultimately, patients are at the centre of care. Through our comprehensive programs and national specialist field team, we aim to complement prescriber expertise, establish collaborative relationships, and continue to deliver effective health outcomes for Australian patients.”

Despite an overall successful market track record of Arrotex-promoted brands, lack of awareness of the reasons behind a medication switch, limited visibility of available patient support programs, and inadequate communication, has resulted in prescriber, community pharmacist, and patient uncertainty and confusion.

“At Arrotex, we acknowledge the importance of effectively communicating our range of healthcare support strategies to those involved in patient care,” said Ms Tamborini.

“By proactively engaging with, and educating prescribers, community pharmacists and patients alike, our new biologics team will help reduce hesitancy towards biosimilar products.

“In turn, the increased utilisation of biosimilars will drive sustainability and access into the future,” Ms Tamborini said.

“Our strategy, which we are unlocking today, is also unlocking tomorrow’s opportunities, given more biosimilars are expected to come to market.”