Arrotex Pharmaceuticals products

Arrotex manufactures high quality, affordable medicines in a wide range of therapeutic categories and dosage forms and combines the products offered by APO and Arrow.

Product Information (PI) is made available through the links below for use by healthcare professionals. Consumer Medicine Information (CMI) is made available for consumers.

Arrow re-entered the Australian market following the Strides purchase of the Chemists’ Own Brand and Aspen Australia Generics business in 2015. Although Arrow re-entered the market under new owners and the industry has changed significantly in sixteen years, the passion and determination to drive innovation remains in the DNA of the Arrow name, its people and the business.

APO is a leading supplier of generic pharmaceuticals with over 250 PBS listed generic pharmaceutical products.


Anapen® is an adrenaline autoinjector for the emergency treatment of anaphylaxis, or acute severe allergic reaction.

Anapen contains adrenaline (epinephrine) as its only active ingredient. Anapen is not a substitute for subsequent emergency medical or hospital care. Call 000 immediately after administering Anapen. An additional dose of Anapen may be needed while waiting for emergency medical services. Anapen can be obtained from a pharmacy with a prescription, or without a prescription where a pharmacist is satisfied the customer has been assessed by an appropriate health practitioner as needing to carry adrenaline and the health practitioner has provided the customer with a formal action plan for anaphylaxis

VidaCorp products


28GO is a range of 5-star health rated protein bars, powders, waters & indulgence created by Australian Health & Fitness expert Sam Wood. 28GO makes switching to a healthy protein choice easy via its accessible price point for high quality products and its broad range of delicious low sugar and low carb options.


The APOHEALTH range has been developed to offer quality and affordable over the counter medicines to treat everyday health issues. With over 120 products across 12 key categories, including hayfever and allergy, cough, cold & flu, analgesics, digestive health, antiviral and antifungal, eyecare, ear care, sleep and vitamin supplements, there is an APOHEALTH product to help you feel better at an affordable price.


BLASTX Antimicrobial Biofilm Wound Gel provides a wound management solution that combines antimicrobial effect with moist wound properties, which is conducive to fast healing. While in place, the antimicrobial properties of the BlastX inhibit the growth of microorganisms within the gel.

Brutal Truth

Brutal Truth is a natural, Australian owned grooming brand, designed for the good of man. Not only does the product range come with an accessible price tag; we are also an Official Partner of Movember.

Chemists’ Own

Now more than 25 years on, and with over 160 SKUs in the range covering 15 categories including cough, cold and flu, analgesics, allergy, sun care, antibacterial, ear care, anti-fungal, eye care, antiviral, digestive health, anti-nausea, sleep and more, there is a Chemists’ Own for that.

Chemists’ Own PROVANCE

Chemists’ Own PROVANCE provides professionally formulated products at a great value price without compromising quality for Australian consumers.

esmi Skin Minerals

Treat your skin concerns and feed your skin with Australian made, vegan, microbiome-friendly formulas to highlight your own natural beauty. Combining natural ingredients and actives for nourished, glowing skin. Winner of the All-Time Favourite Beauty Brand 2024 You Beauty Awards.


Ferrogen is a range of therapeutic iron supplement for the prevention and treatment of medically diagnosed iron deficiency.


Inflamax Spray has an innovative spray system, and allows for a quick and easy application that provides effective temporary relief from muscle, tendon and ligament pain by reducing inflammation.

Iron Melts

Iron Melts is a pleasant tasting Iron, Folic Acid and Vitamin B12 supplement. It also contains Vitamin C to help the absorption of iron. Always read the label and follow the directions for use.


LANATÉ is a dermatologically developed face and body cream that revitalises and smooths the appearance of skin. It exfoliates, stimulating dermal renewal, and moisturises dry skin.

Lip Heroes®

Release your inner superhero! A range of vegan lip products with luxe, hydrating and silky smooth formulations delivering beautiful coverage for bold, vibrant lips and a pout with kaPOW!


Macrovic Powder provides effective relief from constipation, treatment of constipation, and treatment of faecal impaction, in adults and children 12 years and over.


MCoBeauty is Australia’s leading luxe-for-less, cruelty-free and vegan beauty brand.  MCoBeauty serves everyday people who want amazing, results-driven products that are affordable, yet still deliver on quality.  MCoBeauty is now the highest selling beauty brand in Woolworths and have now expanded presence in Chemist Warehouse and the US market.

Melotin MR

Melotin MR is a short term treatment of primary insomnia (without an underlying medical or any other clear cause), characterised by poor quality sleep in patients who are aged 55 or over. It contains 2mg of melatonin in a modified release tablet which helps regulate your internal body clock to help you fall asleep more easily, improve sleep quality and wake feeling alert. Ask your pharmacist about this product.


MyAura is an Australian personal care brand that offers accessible, affordable solutions to women & teens. The MyAura portfolio ranges from deodorants & personal wash, made using natural ingredients.


Your DNA reveals an effective way to manage your health and wellness. It’s time to eat and train the way you were made to. Unlock the power of your DNA with myDNA!


Natalis is an Australian Made pregnancy multivitamin to help meet the increased needs of the mother-to-be throughout their motherhood journey.

Nude by Nature

Nude by Nature empowers a new generation to embrace their natural beauty with confidence. Nude by Nature believe in the transformative power of clean, high-performance make-up and skincare that nurtures your skin. We celebrate the beauty in doing less.

Nude by Nature is a 100% CLEAN, NATURAL BEAUTY BRAND. HIGH PERFORMANCE. RESULTS DRIVEN. Nude by Nature’s Natural Mineral Cover Foundation is the #1 foundation across Pharmacy in Australia.


Provides effective tempory relief of pain & discomfort associated with: arthritic Pain, Headaches, Muscul Aches, Migraine Headaches, Neuralgic Conditions, Osteothritis, Period Pain, Rheumatics, Sore Throats, Sinus Headaches, Toothache, Colds and flu, Helps reduce pain & fever

PONi Cosmetics

Celebrating 10 years of making the everyday ritual of makeup application beautiful, effortless and effective with a range of multi-purpose, cruelty free makeup, in quality pigments to suit all skin tones.


An emergency contraception tablet, taken within 72 hours of unprotected intercourse. Ask your pharmacist about this product


Sebizole is a broad-spectrum anti-fungal agent which inhibits the growth of sensitive fungi. Used for the treatment of dandruff and seborrhoeic dermatitis in adults.


SkinB5 is revolutionary natural acne treatment offering a holistic easy everyday skincare treatments for healthy skin and acne control.


Helps to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke in patients with known cardiovascular or cerebrovascular disease,by helping to prevent blood clotting.


Suncare sorted for all skin with a range of sunscreens and post suncare. Protecting skin from harmful UV damage and premature ageing with skin loving formulas for everyday protection.

Surf Life Saving

We’ve been protecting Australian beaches for over 107 years... now we help protect you and your family.


Uriclense 500 is a cranberry urinany tract effervescent formulation with pleasant flavour to help maintain and support bladder and urinary tract health. Always read the label and follow the directions for use.


A vitamin supplement formulated to provide nutrients and help in the maintenance or improvement of general health and well-being.


A dietary supplement containing zinc, an important mineral for the development and proper function of the immune system.

ZSC Powder

To relieve and prevent chafing, excessive perspiration, pruritus (itching) and tinea, dust on freely to affected areas after bathing.

Always read the label and follow the directions for use. Incorrect use could be harmful.

Partnership brands


Is a non-drowsy antihistamine effective for the symptomatic treatment of allergic rhinoconjuctviits and urticaria, offering 24 hour relief from the symptoms of Hayfever, allergies and urticaria. Always read the label and follow the direction for use.


Giovene is a specialised scar formula containing an innovative cyclic and polymeric siloxanes technology that improves the appearance of scars by softening, flattening and moisturising the scar


Is a water-soluble formulation containing the active ingredient ciclopirox. It is a nail lacquer used to treat mild to moderate fungal nail infections that do not involve the lunula.


Contains Silexan®, a specially prepared and patented lavender oil that relieves symptoms of mild anxiety, nervous tension and improves sleep quality.

Always read the label and follow the directions for use. Incorrect use could be harmful.