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Health – Challenger and Private Label Brands

VidaCorp tailors it’s Pharmacy Only over the counter Health Brands to meet the growing needs of Consumers, with Chemists’ Own and APOHEALTH taking leading positions among the top 5 brands sold in Retail Pharmacy, based on units sold.

Chemists’ Own is a consumer advertised brand that has been supporting Retail Pharmacy for almost 30 years, and delivers quality over the counter medicines across more than 160 SKUs in 12 key categories. Some of which include Cough, Cold and Flu, Pain Relief , Allergy, Digestive Relief, Antifungals, Eye and Ear Care, as well as the recent launch of the Chemists’ Own Provance range of products in the Vitamin, Mineral and Supplements category. If it’s effective relief you need, there’s a Chemists’ Own for that.

APOHEALTH was launched in 2015 and quickly rose to be the market leading private label brand. With over 120 SKUs in key categories in Retail Pharmacy, APOHEALTH provides affordable, quality healthcare to support Australian families.

Both brands deliver multiple product launches each year, providing Australians with choice when it comes to over the counter medicines.

Wellness Brands

VidaCorp has a wide portfolio of wellness brands supporting consumer needs across sports nutrition, pregnancy, sleep quality, iron deficiency, personal care and many more.

We provide consumers with quality brands that are more affordable and widely accessible nationwide across pharmacies and groceries.

Some of our leading brands include Natalis (pregnancy support), 28Go (protein-based sports nutrition), Ferrogen (iron supplements), Melotin MR (sleep quality), MyAura (natural personal care), Brutal Truth (natural men’s grooming), myDNA (wellnessDNA test) and many more.

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