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At DBG Health, we aim to foster a values-led culture and a place where people go above and beyond for each other and our customers. We strive to inspire and build the capability of our people so they can grow and be the best they can be, and build a high performing team focused on achieving our Vision, Mission and Strategic Objectives.

Our values are about learning, growth and self-awareness.

What our values say is, “no matter how things go, we’ll find a way”. So what does that really mean?

It means that at DBG, if something is a good idea, then others will collaborate with you to work on it and bring it to life to achieve the goal.

We have a history and working culture at DBG that shows that:

  • We will do the things and build the business that others tell us we can’t do.
  • We do more than we are ever asked to do.
  • Every time somebody has told us that we can’t do it, we’ve gone and built something more.
  • We will collaborate widely and share the journey, we are much stronger and more successful together.
  • We are customer obsessed. Start with the customer’s goal and then work backwards from that.
  • We set a goal, then do everything to achieve it without getting hung-up on the journey. How we achieve the goal isn’t as important as the goal itself.
  • We move fast. We know that speed is critical in our business and moving fast is better than not moving at all. If we make the wrong move, that’s ok, we can quickly re-group, learn, and continue.
  • We know that trust is earned. We are a relationship-based business, trust is everything.
    No one here gets in trouble for trying something and failing – so long as there’s a lesson.


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We offer bespoke leadership development programs, talent and development frameworks to continuously build the capabilities of our team, health & wellbeing programs to enable our employees to maintain a high level of performance, and reward and recognition programs to acknowledge and celebrate employees for their contribution towards our company values and strategic objectives.

Internal career growth & development

“I feel extremely fortunate to be a part of the DBG Health family – we truly have the best team and pharmacy partners in the industry! Although I began my career as a pharmacist, working for over a decade in retail pharmacy, my career at DBG Health has seen me grow through the ranks to become a National Manager.

As the leader of our national accounts team, my goal is to ensure that every Australian can access quality products that improve their health. I work closely with our valued partners in the community pharmacy industry, building strong relationships and delivering tailored solutions that bring value to their businesses and enhance the wellbeing of their customers. 

DBG Health has always championed my career growth and development, ensuring that I continue to have opportunities to learn and grow regardless of my geographical location or personal circumstances, such as starting a family! My recent promotion to National Business Manager – Pharmacy, just prior to commencing maternity leave, is a testament to the inclusive and supportive culture DBG Health has created for its team members.”

Carmela Scaffidi, National Business Manager – Pharmacy

Career mobility

“From joining DBG Health as a Commercial Operations Manager to my current role as General Manager, DBG Health has played a pivotal role in shaping my career.

I’m an industrial engineer; my career began in consultancy and technology sales, then moved to Australia to work in FMCG, running data analytics and pioneering best practices in CRM and activating benefits for commercial teams.

Dennis, our CEO brought me in to set up Commercial Operations as the bridge between Sales & Marketing, with the objective to create the best sales force in the country.

Today, I’ve been given the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of our customers and consumers by stepping into a secondment role as National Business Manager – Key Accounts which puts me at the frontline of the business.

Opportunities and entrepreneurship are at the core of DBG Health’s DNA, and that environment enabled me to propel my career forward and nurture a fantastic team.”

Jaime Arango, General Manager – Commercial Operations

Great leaders & fantastic team

“In my role, I’m responsible for leading and executing our pharmacy business priorities with national key accounts. I take pride in leading our business priorities, nurturing strategic partnerships, and driving new product uptake to support better health outcomes for Australians. I have been supported by great leaders and a fantastic team that has contributed to my career growth and development at DBG Health.

DBG Health boasts an entrepreneurial spirit that helps feed the business and its constant evolution. Through our work, we have the ability to impact every stage of the patient journey with our various business units and medicine offerings. Not only do I get to work in a role that challenges me, but I am rewarded daily, knowing I’m contributing to improving the health and access to medicine for Australians. 

Our spectrum of portfolio and services across the pharmaceutical business means that there is always something new and exciting just around the corner. I enjoy the ever-changing and fast-paced environment, plus the people make the difference – we have a fantastic team!”

Jana Fulcher, National Business Manager – Pharmaceuticals

Culture of continuous improvement & innovation

“As the leader of the Scientific Affairs function at DBG Health, I find my role incredibly rewarding and aligned to my strengths, as I am naturally passionate about simplifying complexity and finding practical solutions.

My career has taken me across borders, gaining broad experience across the pharmaceutical industry.

With a background in Chemistry from Oxford University, I embarked on a career journey that led me from England to Singapore, and then on to Sydney. As a process chemist and project manager, I have provided support for pharmaceutical active ingredient and finished dose manufacturing, acquiring a diverse skill set and a deep understanding of the field.

I am fortunate in my role to work with every department across the organisation, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and innovation, to ensure that DBG Health consistently delivers quality products.

But it’s so much more than just me. My amazing and highly talented team works collaboratively, developing regulatory strategies to ensure that our products receive the necessary approvals, maintaining the highest standards throughout their lifecycle, and ensuring they comply with all the relevant regulations. Together, we strive to build confidence with our customers and regulators, fostering a strong reputation for DBG Health in the industry.”

Lesley Whitehurst, General Manager – Scientific Affairs

Diverse career progression

“With a background in the pharmaceutical industry, I’ve held positions encompassing quality control, quality assurance, regulatory affairs, and project management. However, my passion resides in the realm of Information Technology. At present, I’m studying IT networking and cybersecurity, an endeavour that DBG Health has been completely supportive of me undertaking.

In my current position, a significant component of my work will be identifying opportunities to leverage on technology related solutions to enhance business processes. This will involve working closely with key stakeholders for requirements elicitation and analysis. In addition, I will be supporting group-wide activities in relation to IT matters to assist with improvements to the existing systems we have in place.  It’s an exciting and dynamic role that lets me contribute to project success and drive the growth of our organisation.

Throughout my six years at DBG Health, I’ve been fortunate to experience a progression across diverse positions, including Regulatory Affairs and the Project Management Office. DBG Health has actively fostered my career growth, and offered considerable support throughout my journey. They have also acknowledged and appreciated my contributions at every step along the way.

Drawing on my background in project management and passion for IT, I strongly believe in the power of collaboration. In my current role, I actively support teamwork and cooperation across departments, leveraging the strengths of each team. By working together, we enhance the effectiveness of my position and contribute to the overall growth and success of the company.”

Luke Godfrey, IT Business Systems Analyst 

Women in leadership

“As a marketer, DBG Health has provided me with the freedom to unleash my entrepreneurial spirit, along with the support and backing of a well-established business. We are encouraged to think outside the box, without the limitations of global toolkits, and drive innovative marketing strategies.

Every day I’m challenged to treat this business like my own, that none of us are employees, but leaders that have an impact. We all have a seat at the table to make a difference. It fosters an environment of aiming for results, but with a supportive culture understanding that failure might be part of the journey and there’s no shame or blame in that. It’s about what we’ve learned from it and how to get even better next time around.

As General Manager in our newly formed VidaCorp Division, it is truly fulfilling to spearhead initiatives that directly address our consumers’ evolving needs and shape the company’s future in the ever-changing consumer landscape.

DBG Health provides me an environment that allows autonomy, ability to bring fresh ideas, challenge the status quo, and contribute to the success of our growing business.”

Maureen (Maui) Valdes, General Manager – Personal Care & Wellness

Supportive work environment

“My role involves diving into data, improving processes, managing CRM systems, and creating reports and presentations that give our commercial teams valuable insights. I analyse data, work with stakeholders, and help shape system requirements. I also revamp processes to make them more efficient, conduct tests to ensure quality, and automate our CRM pipeline.

Designing and implementing tailored CRM systems is another feather in my cap. By unifying data and mitigating risks, I support analytics-driven decision-making.

I’ve been with DBG Health for two years now, starting as a Commercial Operations Analyst before being promoted to Senior Commercial Operations Analyst. DBG Health has been incredibly supportive of my growth. They’ve given me challenging assignments, exposed me to various business functions, and provided opportunities for advancement. Training programs and regular feedback have been instrumental in my development.

What excites me the most about working at DBG Health is the dynamic nature of the pharmaceutical industry and the chance to work on impactful projects. Collaborating with sales, marketing, and supply chain teams allows me to bring my analytical skills to the table, providing valuable insights to help inform decision-making.

But what I truly enjoy about being part of DBG Health is the positive company culture. The teamwork, open communication, and supportive work environment create a truly fulfilling experience. It’s a place where I can make a difference while growing both personally and professionally.”

Muhammad Harris Ikram, Senior Commercial Operations Analyst

Culture of diversity & inclusion

“DBG Health has provided me with a unique opportunity to blend my technical expertise with my passion for people management. Leading a team of dedicated professionals who share my commitment to quality has been a transformative experience. The support and trust I’ve received from DBG Health’s leadership has played a crucial role in my career growth.

Throughout my journey at DBG Health, I’ve witnessed a culture of diversity and inclusion that truly inspires me. As a woman in a leadership role, I am proud to be part of an organization that provides equal opportunities for talented individuals to excel. DBG Health’s commitment to fostering a diverse workforce is evident in its inclusive environment.

Collaboration is at the heart of my role at DBG Health. Working closely with cross-functional teams, such as supply chain, warehouses, and demand planning, I ensure that business requirements are met.

DBG Health has been a catalyst for my personal and professional growth. It’s a workplace that values expertise, fosters continuous learning, and empowers individuals to reach new heights in the pharmaceutical industry. Joining DBG Health has been a pivotal moment in my career, providing me with exciting challenges and opportunities for development.”

Sanjutha Harichandra, Product Quality Manager

Entrepreneurial approach to people & products

My journey to Executive General Manager for the Pharmaceutical Business at DBG began eight years ago, following a career as a pharmacist within community pharmacy and experience in industry in sales and marketing roles. Over the course of my time working at DBG, I’ve had the opportunity to progress through various positions within the business, starting in health services and brand management, then transitioning to product management, followed by marketing management, and ultimately, my role today.

Despite its size, DBG celebrates an entrepreneurial approach to its work and instils this practice into its people. At DBG, innovative ideas are embraced, and measured risks are encouraged.

As a result, what I find most rewarding about my work at DBG is the freedom to explore new territories and build new capabilities within the business. The evolution of the generics business into a robust portfolio of generics, biologicals, and innovator brands is a testament to our commitment to delivering value to our customers and their patients and our commitment to taking risks and remaining agile within the ever-changing medical landscape. Best still, we are encouraged to give back to the community, and this year, we’ve had several opportunities to provide access to medicines for communities in need.

No two days are the same at DBG, and I’m fortunate to be surrounded by some of the best professionals in the industry. Our competitive spirit and determination to challenge ourselves make it even more rewarding when we can celebrate our successes. DBG is more than a workplace; it’s an environment where ideas can come to life.

Hayley Tamborini, Executive General Manager – Pharmaceuticals

Why work with us at DBG?

Working at DBG is an exhilarating journey unlike any other. We’re not just another company. We’re an entrepreneurial force. While we have grown quickly, we have ambitious plans to double the size of the business over the next three years, which includes international expansion.

Unsurprisingly, our workplace is fast paced and commercially driven and appeals to people who enjoy embracing the opportunities that change brings. As the business expands, so too are the opportunities for our people to grow their careers across an increasingly diverse business portfolio.

We are also driven to make a real difference in people’s lives through our products, programs and services. Our philanthropic efforts supporting charities including My Room, Miracle Babies and Mental Health Foundation Australia also directly impacts the health of all Australians.

At DBG, we live by our values of Pioneering, Accountability, Collaboration and Tenacity. So, if you’re looking for a workplace that’s not just going places but also changing lives, join us on this remarkable journey to make a meaningful impact while building a rewarding career.

Leadership Development

Developing our existing leaders, and identifying and developing our leaders of the future, is critical to the ongoing success and growth of DBG. Our leadership development programs are carefully constructed and delivered, with both the growth of the individual and the broader business in mind.

Camaraderie, learning, growth & development are part of our DNA