Independent Pharmacies of Australia

Supporting your independence

With the world and pharmacy industry changing rapidly, running a pharmacy is becoming more complex.

As a community pharmacist, we know independence is important to you. So we’re changing to make sure our commitment to you is clear.

We’re here to support your independence and we’re working to give you more options and solutions to improve the health of your community and achieve your vision.

Independence to us, means allowing you to make the right choice for you, your community, your team and your partners. And, we want to give you flexibility when your community needs and business needs change.

We’re here to face challenges with you and we’re committed to making pharmacy more rewarding.

Be your patient’s real advantage

Be a champion of your community

Deliver expert advice with low prices

Transform your pharmacy with innovation and automation

Deliver exceptional healthcare

A complete solution for primary health care and clinical services

Powering pharmacy through automation

Data driven performance and loyalty

Enhance your pharmacy workflow with our digital solution

Pharmacy Platform

Established in 2020, Pharmacy Platform supports industry partners in operating successful pharmacy businesses through differentiated brands, service programs and technology.

Our industry expertise allows us to deliver improved margin, customer growth, differentiated professional services delivery, and better pathways to automation.

With the merger, The Platform Alliance Group provides a diverse suite of brands and offers to support independent pharmacy.  The Platform Alliance Group will continue to evolve the customer-centric retail focus of each group to build brand strategies to improve consumer, member and supplier partner outcomes.

Pharmacy Alliance

Since 2002, Pharmacy Alliance has grown to a network of over 700 independent pharmacy members and with this we have an intricate understanding of pharmacy that has allowed us to create programs and effective tools for members to achieve success for their pharmacies.

We can simplify managing your pharmacy
and streamline your workflow.

Bigger network

There’s strength in numbers. As part of a growing network with over 1100 pharmacies, you can count on us to be your biggest supporter.

Better technology solutions

We know your time is valuable, and that’s why we provide intelligent technologies that help you spend more time on things that matter.

Stronger support for communities

We know that you are passionate about the health of your community, so we’re doing more to help through health programs, as well as retail and marketing support.

A healthier future together

We’re on a never-ending mission to maintain the health of your pharmacy, because the future’s brighter when we’re in it together.