08 February 2024: Australian iron supplement Ferrogen, is proud to announce its partnership with not-for-profit organisation, Share the Dignity. Share the Dignity is committed to giving all Australians access to essential period products. The partnership will see Ferrogen support Share the Dignity’s ongoing strategy of delivering period products and essential-filled handbags to those experiencing homelessness, domestic violence, or poverty.

While not exclusively a deficiency in women, iron deficiency is a notable concern for those of menstruating age, due to the impact of monthly blood loss on their iron levels, particularly for those who experience heavy menstrual bleeding. As such, the partnership will also see the two organisations work to educate Australians on the links between iron deficiency and menstruation, and how to best manage if diagnosed with iron deficiency.

The work of Share the Dignity is essential to the wellbeing of women. An ethos that aligns with Ferrogen which strives to help women reclaim their health and feel energised, so this partnership felt like a natural fit,” says Maureen Valdes, General Manager, Marketing at VidaCorp, the company behind Ferrogen.

“We are incredibly excited to be partnering with Ferrogen, a brand dedicated to improving the health of women. I know when we work together, we are so much stronger and together we can help ensure menstrual equity for women, girls and those who menstruate. I cannot wait to see where this partnership takes us.” – Rochelle Courtenay, Share the Dignity Founder and Managing Director

Since its establishment in 2015, Share the Dignity has worked tirelessly with over 6,000 volunteers to be able to deliver over 4.5 million packets of period products and over 890,000 essential-filled handbags to Australian women, girls and those who menstruate. Also working on period poverty advocacy, in 2018 Share the Dignity helped to axe the tampon tax and is now focussed on ensuring all public hospitals offer free sanitary items to those who need them through #PadUp#PublicHealth.

For more information about Share the Dignity or to become a volunteer to provide essential period products to women, girls and those who menstruate around Australia, visit

The Ferrogen and Share the Dignity partnership is made possible through the financial support of VidaCorp. For more information about Ferrogen, visit

Always read the label and follow the directions for use. For use when iron deficiency has been diagnosed by a doctor and a therapeutic oral iron supplement has been recommended

About Share the Dignity

In 2015, Share the Dignity was founded after identifying there was a genuine need to provide vulnerable women in our community with essential period products. Share the Dignity works to make a real, on-the-ground difference to the lives of women, girls and those who menstruate who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness, domestic violence or poverty by distributing period products to those in need and work to achieve menstrual equity here in Australia.