Health and Fitness Expert, Sam Wood, Launches 28GO Range, Powered by Protein

6 November 2023: Beloved Australian health and fitness expert, Sam Wood, has today announced the launch of his brand new on-the-go protein-based range, 28GO, available exclusively in Woolworths stores nationwide. Wood and his team have developed the range packed with high protein which supports muscle health and recovery, and nutritional goodness to keep time-tight, busy people satisfied, energised, and replenished throughout the day.
The launch range will include 15 products, including a variety of protein powders and bars, and protein collagen water, as well as an indulgence range, for those who need a little sweet treat that’s also loaded with the power of protein. Many of the items in the range are individually packaged so they can be easily thrown into the handbag or gym bag, offering a healthier snack option whether heading to the office or the gym.
Sam, who is one of Australia’s leading experts and media commentators in the health and fitness industry, thanks to his successful 28 By Sam Wood fitness and nutrition lifestyle program, says the 28GO range was created to address a growing community demand for healthier snack and protein options.
“More than a million Aussies have participated in my program in the last seven years, and I’m constantly being asked for my recommendations for the best protein powders and snacks on the market,” he said. “Over time, I realised that there wasn’t anything available that I felt comfortable recommending. Many options were laden with excessive sugar and confusing labels, making it difficult for consumers seeking healthier choices.”
Protein, Sam underscores, plays a pivotal role in supporting muscle health, weight loss, sustaining energy levels, and promoting overall wellness. “Our 28GO products are expertly crafted with protein and other high-quality nutrients to keep you energised and operating at your best throughout the day, while supporting muscle growth, recovery, and weight management. Best of all, you can grab them during your regular Woolworths grocery run,” he said.
Reflecting on his 28 By Sam Wood program success, Sam said his goal was to create an at-home exercise and nutrition program that was as effective as it was easy to follow for the everyday, time-poor Australian. “The 28GO range follows the same principles. We’re making it as easy as possible to grab and GO with simple, non-intimidating and trustworthy products that are easy to fit into your day-to-day life.”
The father of four and self-proclaimed sweet-tooth enthusiast said he is proud to offer an indulgent twist in the 28GO range, which includes high-protein versions of mug cake, mug mousse, banana bread, pancakes, and hot chocolate.
“Eating better shouldn’t mean depriving yourself of things or having an all or nothing approach. I’m so excited that our 28GO range also includes an indulgence range that is still high-protein, low calorie, low sugar, and tastes fantastic, so you don’t feel like you’re missing out,” he said.
The 28GO launch range, available now in Woolworths stores around the country, includes:

28GO Go Bar Protein Bars, 65g, RRP $5.00

With an impressive 30g of protein, low sugar & boasting a 5-star health rating, these delicious bars don’t disappoint. Available in an assortment of delicious flavours including triple chocolate, choc caramel, dark choc mint, and tiramisu, 28GO’s GO Bars are an ideal grab-and-go brekkie or perfect to throw into your handbag, workbag, or gym bag for an on-the-go snack. No other protein bar in grocery stores has a higher health rating than 28GO GO BARS.

28GO Protein Powders, 350g, RRP $35.00
Stay fuelled throughout the day with 28GO’s range of Protein Powders, designed to keep you feeling full and energised with 25g of protein per serve with the added bonus of low carbs. A versatile way to get your protein kick, 28GO Protein Powders are great in shakes, or smoothie bowls, and are an easy way to boost muscle by including it in your diet.
Choose between two options:

  • 28GO’s Protein with Probiotics blend is available in chocolate and vanilla, combining protein with prebiotics and 1 billion probiotics per serve.
  • 28GO’s Protein with Collagen infuses protein that supports muscle health & recovery with the benefits of collagen in irresistible vanilla or caramel flavour.

Protein Collagen Water, RRP $28.00
Stay hydrated and revitalised with 28GO’s Protein Collagen Water, available in both passionfruit and watermelon flavours. Simply mix with water, each serve contains 27g of protein and is 99% sugar-free. It’s the perfect, thirst-quenching post-workout recovery drink especially for those that find protein shakes too filling. Available in packs of 7 sachets, these easy-to-add pouches are conveniently sized to keep in your desk draw or gym bag.

Protein Indulgence Range
Explore 28GO’s Protein Indulgence range, not just your ordinary dessert or treat, the entire range is protein packed for longer lasting energy and fullness. Satisfy your sweet tooth in a matter of minutes, while feeling good about it.
Included in the range is 28GO’s Protein Mug Cake (RRP $5.00). Boasting a 5-star health rating, it’s high in protein and flavour-packed that’s ready in 30-45 seconds for that guilt-free afternoon indulgence.
28GO’s Protein Banana Bread (RRP $18.00) also boasts a 4-star health rating, satisfying your cafe snack craving while enjoying up to double the protein of standard a banana bread.
Other products in the Indulgence range include:

  • Protein Mug Mousse RRP $5.00: salted caramel flavour in 30g individual serve
  • Protein Pancake Mix RRP $15.00: 280g mix in vanilla flavour
  • Protein Hot Choc RRP $15.00: 7x 20g sachets with collagen powder and low sugar

28GO will be available in Woolworths stores nationwide from the 6th of November 2023. For more information, visit