MyAura empowers youth through partnership with raise foundation

Australian women and teen natural deodorant brand, MyAura, is proud to announce its partnership with leading youth mentor charity, Raise Foundation. By providing financial support, the partnership with MyAura will help Raise Foundation to continue delivering important early intervention, evidence-based youth mentoring programs to high school students across Australia.

With suicide the leading cause of death for young people in Australia1 and one in four­ reporting feeling lonely all or most of the time2, Raise Foundation provides essential support to students at a time in their lives when friendship, body image and school pressures often start to surface. Through its mentoring program, Raise Foundation trains adults from the community, teaching them mentoring skills they need to provide the support and guidance to a young person at a crucial time in their lives.

To kickstart the partnership between Raise and MyAura, Raise will provide mentoring to students at Marrickville High School, Sydney, NSW. Raise’s program will run in additional schools as the partnership rolls out.  The program, which runs for 23 weeks, will provide dedicated mentors for students in year 8. As part of the program, students have access to a caring, independent volunteer mentor on a weekly basis with the aim to increase their resilience and self-esteem, arming them with the tools to face challenges both now and into the future. 

“MyAura’s commitment to encouraging a more compassionate approach to self-care for Australian women and girls align perfectly with Raise’s mission to empower young individuals in cultivating their inner strength and resilience, making our partnership a natural fit,” says Maureen Valdes, General Manager, Marketing at Arrotex Pharmaceuticals, the company behind MyAura. “We’re excited to positively contribute to the lives of young Australians through our partnership with Raise Foundation.”

“Raise’s partnership with MyAura enables more young people to be matched with mentors,” says Raise Partnership Manager, Jo Stentiford. “Young people are struggling, and many have no one to go to for support. Spending time with a Raise mentor helps to build resilience, learn how to ask trusted adults for help, increase sense of school belonging and develop hope for the future. Together with partners like MyAura, we will create thriving communities around Australia where our young people feel valued, heard and supported.” Since inception, Raise has trained over 7,273 volunteer youth mentors, and delivered early invention programs to over 10,000 young people across Australia.



For more information about Raise or to become a volunteer mentor to young people in your area today, visit

The MyAura and Raise partnership is made possible through the financial support of Arrotex. For more information about MyAura, visit