MyAura empowers youth through partnership with raise foundation

Australian women and teen natural deodorant brand, MyAura, is proud to announce its partnership with leading youth mentor charity, Raise Foundation. By providing financial support, the partnership with MyAura will help Raise Foundation to continue delivering important early intervention, evidence-based youth mentoring programs to high school students across Australia.

With suicide the leading cause of death for young people in Australia1 and one in four­ reporting feeling lonely all or most of the time2, Raise Foundation provides essential support to students at a time in their lives when friendship, body image and school pressures often start to surface. Through its mentoring program, Raise Foundation trains adults from the community, teaching them mentoring skills they need to provide the support and guidance to a young person at a crucial time in their lives.

To kickstart the partnership between Raise and MyAura, Raise will provide mentoring to students at Marrickville High School, Sydney, NSW. Raise’s program will run in additional schools as the partnership rolls out.  The program, which runs for 23 weeks, will provide dedicated mentors for students in year 8. As part of the program, students have access to a caring, independent volunteer mentor on a weekly basis with the aim to increase their resilience and self-esteem, arming them with the tools to face challenges both now and into the future. 

“MyAura’s commitment to encouraging a more compassionate approach to self-care for Australian women and girls align perfectly with Raise’s mission to empower young individuals in cultivating their inner strength and resilience, making our partnership a natural fit,” says Maureen Valdes, General Manager, Marketing at Arrotex Pharmaceuticals, the company behind MyAura. “We’re excited to positively contribute to the lives of young Australians through our partnership with Raise Foundation.”

“Raise’s partnership with MyAura enables more young people to be matched with mentors,” says Raise Partnership Manager, Jo Stentiford. “Young people are struggling, and many have no one to go to for support. Spending time with a Raise mentor helps to build resilience, learn how to ask trusted adults for help, increase sense of school belonging and develop hope for the future. Together with partners like MyAura, we will create thriving communities around Australia where our young people feel valued, heard and supported.” Since inception, Raise has trained over 7,273 volunteer youth mentors, and delivered early invention programs to over 10,000 young people across Australia.



For more information about Raise or to become a volunteer mentor to young people in your area today, visit

The MyAura and Raise partnership is made possible through the financial support of Arrotex. For more information about MyAura, visit

Natalis relaunches in pharmacy, providing essential nutritional support for women from pre-conception, pregnancy and breastfeeding

Australian-made pregnancy multivitamins, Natalis, is returning to shelves this month, with enhanced distribution through both community pharmacy and Chemist Warehouse stores across the country.

Endorsed by the Australian College of Midwives*, Natalis is specifically formulated to meet the heightened nutritional needs of women throughout their motherhood journey, from pre-conception to pregnancy and breastfeeding.

It contains 19 important nutrients, including folic acid and iodine, which support the healthy development of babies and helps to prevent major birth defects of the brain and spine. Iron, vitamins B, C, D and E and a range of other minerals are also included to support the increased nutritional needs of women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

“By mid-June, with shelves restocked, Natalis will be available through our trusted community pharmacy partners in more than 4,000 stores, and an additional 500 doors through Chemist Warehouse locations across Australia,” said Ornella Caiazza, Marketing Manager for Natalis.

“At Natalis, our goal has always been to provide a more affordable alternative to daily pregnancy multivitamins for Australian women, without compromising on quality or care. We are committed to this goal and to working with our pharmacy partners to rebuild and strengthen our brand presence across the country,” she said.

To support its return to shelves, Natalis will be running a gift with purchase (a pink Natalis tote bag) and providing point of sale materials through its community pharmacy partners.

In addition, Natalis will continue to give back to the community through
partnerships with Miracle Babies, an organisation that provides vital emotional support and resources to new parents with premature babies requiring specialised care; as well as a paid partnership with The Australian College of Midwives. Natalis directly supports the invaluable work of both organisations, making a meaningful difference in the lives of families across the country.

Natalis will be available in two convenient sizes upon its relaunch: a 30-tablet pack for RRP $26.99 and a 100-tablet pack for RRP $59.99.

For more information about Natalis or to place an order, please contact your dedicated Natalis pharmacy sales representative or reach out to Natalis at 1300 927 769 or visit


Always read the label and follow the directions for use. *Natalis is a proud supporter and in a paid partnership with the Australian College of Midwives.

New Arrotex biologics team committed to driving biosimilar uptake

MELBOURNE, TUESDAY, JUNE 20, 2023 – Arrotex Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd (“Arrotex”) has today launched a dedicated biologics team charged with connecting prescribers and pharmacists to deliver optimal support throughout a patient’s health journey with biosimilars.

According to General Manager of Specialty Brands and Biologics, Arrotex, Matthew Donnison, Sydney, the new biologics capability that sits within the recently formed Arrotex Medical Services division, will add value to the prescriber, community pharmacist and patient experience with Arrotex’s partnered biosimilar portfolio.

“Provision of effective patient support is critical to a prescriber and community pharmacist centre of care model.

“In order to better communicate the support available to biologics patients, we required a significantly more robust patient support program to improve our patient proposition,” said Mr Donnison.

“Based on the outcomes of our Arrotex biologics education framework, which has been available to community pharmacy for more than 18 months, we have chosen to establish a team of Patient Experience Liaisons (PELs). These specialist medical representatives are well positioned to both detail, and drive uptake of our patient support services available to specialist prescribers, community pharmacists and patients, including the provision of supportive counselling through device changes, and a patient’s ongoing health journey.”

The 14-strong PEL team builds on our existing Arrotex team of pharmacist biologics educators, who collectively, will support patients through the switch from originator to biosimilar devices. Their services will encompass patient enrolment at prescription, and will be available once an Arrotex biosimilar is dispensed.

“With the launch of this innovative patient support program, Arrotex will be striving to ensure patients continue to receive the highest level of support throughout their biosimilars journey,” Mr Donnison said.

“Having one consistent stakeholder connecting specialist prescribers and community pharmacists, will provide substantial benefits in terms of communication, and engagement with both parties, and patients alike.”

Various factors, including specialist prescriber, pharmacist, and patient hesitancy, have slowed the uptake of retail biosimilar products, such as the disease-modifying biological medicine, adalimumab, for the treatment of various autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.

“It is important for the communications loop between specialist prescribers, their support networks, and community pharmacists to be streamlined, and efficient, to facilitate a patientcentric model of care,” said Mr Donnison.

“We are confident the introduction of a dedicated Arrotex biologics team will significantly bolster both prescriber and patient engagement, while better supporting community pharmacists in their patient interactions.”

Executive GM for Pharmaceuticals, Arrotex, Ms Hayley Tamborini, Sydney, said Arrotex’s biologics strategy builds on key learnings informed by a strong corporate history of representing biosimilar brands.

“The treatment pathway to a biological medication can be long and complex. Patients require reliable tools that can both support, and empower them on their health journey, with trusted access when required.

“Our strategy is evolving at Arrotex, to look beyond the biologic, and to provide streamlined solutions and quality products to prescribers, community pharmacists, and patients,” Ms Tamborini said.

“Ultimately, patients are at the centre of care. Through our comprehensive programs and national specialist field team, we aim to complement prescriber expertise, establish collaborative relationships, and continue to deliver effective health outcomes for Australian patients.”

Despite an overall successful market track record of Arrotex-promoted brands, lack of awareness of the reasons behind a medication switch, limited visibility of available patient support programs, and inadequate communication, has resulted in prescriber, community pharmacist, and patient uncertainty and confusion.

“At Arrotex, we acknowledge the importance of effectively communicating our range of healthcare support strategies to those involved in patient care,” said Ms Tamborini.

“By proactively engaging with, and educating prescribers, community pharmacists and patients alike, our new biologics team will help reduce hesitancy towards biosimilar products.

“In turn, the increased utilisation of biosimilars will drive sustainability and access into the future,” Ms Tamborini said.

“Our strategy, which we are unlocking today, is also unlocking tomorrow’s opportunities, given more biosimilars are expected to come to market.”

New Arrotex medical services division bolstering pharmacist-patient engagement

Arrotex Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd (“Arrotex”) has launched a robust Medical Sales Team across primary and secondary care, positioning Arrotex as Australia’s largest sales team across pharmacy and prescribers in the industry.

According to Chairman and CEO of Arrotex, Dennis Bastas, the new Arrotex Medical Services Division reflects the company’s ongoing investment in growth areas for community pharmacy.

“I am thrilled to introduce the Arrotex Medical Services Division as a new capability for our company. They will offer a unique approach to value creation for community pharmacy through enhanced prescriber and patient engagement.”

“The dedicated Arrotex Medical Team will help support uptake and market share growth for key products and programs within our portfolio where prescriber engagement is critical to success. The Team will further enable us to diversify and expand our new product and service opportunities to community pharmacy,” said Mr Bastas.

“Armed with Australia’s largest sales team across pharmacy and prescribers, Arrotex is now uniquely positioned within the Australian marketplace, and will continue our growth and investment in this competitive industry.”

Executive GM for Pharmaceuticals, Arrotex, Hayley Tamborini, said the expertise and experience of the Arrotex Medical Team will allow the company to hit the ground running.

“We are proud to be offering community pharmacy decades of combined industry knowledge and expertise with our new Arrotex Medical Team.”

“Given the importance of engaging prescribers, the Arrotex Medical Team will strive to bolster pharmacist-patient relationships through the provision of an enhanced experience with Arrotex-promoted brands from prescribing through to dispensing,” Ms Tamborini said.

The newly established Arrotex Medical Team has been founded with seasoned industry professionals including Darrin Nichols, Regional Sales Manager NSW/ACT; Nerida Robinson, Regional Sales Manager VIC/SA; and Andrew Cuttle, Regional Sales Manager QLD/WA and supported by a 36-strong specialist field division.

Arrotex launches medical services division

Arrotex Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd (“Arrotex”) has launched a robust Medical Sales Team across primary and secondary care, positioning Arrotex as Australia’s largest sales team across pharmacy and prescribers in the industry.

According to Chairman and CEO of Arrotex, Dennis Bastas, the new Arrotex Medical Services Division reflects the company’s diverse and evolving product portfolio.

“I am thrilled to introduce the Arrotex Medical Services Division as a new capability for our company, enabling our continued growth and investment in this competitive industry.”

“We recognise how essential prescribers are in the provision of integrated patient-centric care. Our dedicated Arrotex Medical Team will support prescribing physicians in educating and empowering patients to understand treatment regimens in a bid to improve equitable access to medications,” said Mr Bastas.

Executive GM for Pharmaceuticals, Arrotex, Hayley Tamborini, said the expertise and experience of the Arrotex Medical Team will allow the company to hit the ground running.

“We are proud to be offering the medical community decades of combined industry knowledge and expertise with our new Arrotex Medical Team.”

“Prescribers play a central role in the delivery of health care to the Australian community, and the Arrotex Medical Team will strive to help support the quality use of medicines from diagnosis through to prescription,” Ms Tamborini said.

The newly established Arrotex Medical Team has been founded with seasoned industry professionals including Darrin Nichols, Regional Sales Manager NSW/ACT; Nerida Robinson, Regional Sales Manager VIC/SA; and Andrew Cuttle, Regional Sales Manager QLD/WA and supported by a 36-strong specialist field division.

Australian made Brutal Truth expands natural men’s range with launch of cleanser and shave gel

Australian men’s skincare brand, Brutal Truth has announced the expansion of its range with the launch of its ‘Take a good soft look at yourself’ Foaming Facial Cleanser and ‘To Mo or Not To Mo’ Shave Gel.

Offering indispensable products for the everyday man, the latest additions join the Brutal Truth range of natural products, free from parabens, sulphates, artificial colours, and non-sustainable ingredients, sans the heavy-duty price tag.

Naturally derived, vegan and cruelty free, both the Foaming Facial Cleanser and Shave Gel boast hydrating formulas built for daily use. With limited choices in natural, affordable, and Australian made skincare for men, Brutal Truth’s latest offerings make quality skincare accessible for all men, with products made in Australia and available nationally through leading supermarkets. “Our products challenge the stereotypical topical trends in the men’s grooming market. We believe it’s our imperfections that are what make us individuals and so we’re not about fixing pimples or concealing scars, but instead providing authentic products that help men to feel confident in their own skin.” said Maui Valdes General Manager Marketing, Consumer Brands at Arrotex Pharmaceuticals.

Brutal Truth’s newest additions include:

‘Take a good soft look at yourself’ Foaming Facial Cleanser, 150mL, RRP $13

Brutal Truth’s ‘Take a good soft look at yourself’ Foaming Facial Cleanser is a naturally derived cleanser, specifically formulated to hydrate the skin. Made from Australian native extracts, the cleanser contains Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Kakadu Plum, Green Tea, Kangaroo Paw and Tea Tree Oil. Perfect for daily use, the smooth and citrusy formula is a quality addition to any skin care regime to leave skin feeling smooth and hydrated.

Directions: Apply 1-2 pumps to a damp face, massage gently into face in a circular motion. Rinse with warm water and pat dry. Repeat this for a deeper cleanse.

‘To Mo, or not to Mo’ Shave Gel, 150mL, RRP $11

Brutal Truth’s ‘To Mo, or not to Mo’ Shave Gel is a naturally derived, super hydrating formula that intensely moisturises the skin, helping to provide immediate razor relief. Cleansing and protecting the face and neck, the gel helps prepare and soften hair prior to shaving. All vegan, this soothing shaving gel contains Wild lime Harvest, Australian Tasman Pepper Berry, Peppermint Oil and Vitamin B5, and is free from sulphates and parabens. Whether perched on the bathroom shelf or in an overnight bag, it’s the perfect addition to any guy’s self-care routine.

Directions: Mo or not, the process is the same. Wet your face with warm water and gently rub shave gel evenly over wet skin to create a rich lather. Shave slow. Shave steady. Rinse, pat dry. Feel fresh.

Brutal Truth products are available at selected Woolworths and Coles. For more information visit

Gen Z and acne stigmas alive and strong in the workplace

A new study by holistic skincare company, SkinB5 reveals the damaging beliefs about pimples, professionalism, and personal hygiene

Gen Z Australians believe pimples make you look less professional, and it’s impacting their confidence in the workplace, according to a new study from holistic skincare company, SkinB5. The research revealed that despite two thirds (67%) of Australians 18 to 35 having experienced problems with acne, 41 percent of Gen Z respondents believe having pimples makes you look less professional, while 32 percent believe acne is related to poor hygiene.

The survey of 2010 Australians over 18 also revealed that almost half (46%) of Gen Z admitted to having felt judged in their workplace because of a breakout, while one in four confessed to keeping their camera off during virtual meetings when they felt self-conscious about their skin.

“Acne has absolutely nothing to do with professionalism, your ability to perform a job, or your personal hygiene, but this January 2022 research shows us that there are some seriously damaging stigmas that still exist around acne, and we’re talking about perceptions held by adults, not teenagers,” said Judy Cheung-Wood, skin expert and founder of SkinB5.

“As a former acne sufferer myself, I know all too well how much acne can affect your confidence and self-esteem at any age, but the reality is, we need to normalise breakouts and champion skin positivity, in the same way that we’re making great strides in the body positivity movement.

“It’s shocking that despite two thirds of Aussies under 35 having experienced problems with acne in their lives, there is a group of these same people that hold very misguided beliefs around what acne says about you as a person. The reality is, acne is no different to any other health issue that needs to be managed, and it is not your fault,” says Judy.

Here, Judy shares her tips for boosting skin confidence whether at home or at work:

Audit Who You Engage With Online

“The research revealed that for many young Australians affected by breakouts, it’s social media and the influencers they follow that impact how they feel about their skin (61%),” said Judy. “While there is a huge and growing community of skin positive influencers, there still remains many, heavily filtered images that clutter our feeds and chip away at our confidence.”

According to Judy, if social media is where you turn to for skincare advice, it’s worthwhile considering an audit of who you follow, “Look for those who are authentically sharing their lives – not only their skincare journeys but their content in an unfiltered and real way.”

Shift Your Perception

Depending on where you work, appearance can still play a role in the way you’re treated in the workplace. Judy believes the way to tackle this head on is to start with your own understanding that acne is not something you can avoid entirely, but it is possible to manage and minimise its occurrence. “Much like stretch marks and puberty, acne is normal, so key to overcoming the fear of a breakout is to acknowledge that ‘perfect’ does not exist. This is essential to finding happiness in your own skin.”

Challenge your own beliefs

“When chatting to someone at work, be that via a virtual meeting or in person, it can be distracting to think that they’re staring at that red pimple on your chin and judging you while you present or speak, but the reality is they most likely haven’t noticed, and if they have, they’re certainly not judging you for it,” Judy explains.

“Instead of focusing in on what you think they’re thinking, laser in on the conversation and matter at work, and push aside the belief that you are being negatively judged,” she said. “Plus, if you’re on a video call, I can guarantee they’re staring at themselves!”

Test Your Confidence

“Makeup is a great tool for concealing breakouts but in a bid to getting comfortable in your own skin, gradually winding back the amount you wear will not only help to build your confidence but can also help to improve breakouts by reducing skin congestion,” says Judy.

“Be aware that too much of a good thing can put you in a vicious cycle of clogging your skin, then working to cover it up.” Judy suggests looking for non-comedogenic foundations that won’t block pores, or applying concealer or foundation more sparingly, just in the spots you need it, but not over the entire face.”

Good Skin Starts from Within

“Holistic skincare, such as SkinB5, that works from the outside in and the inside out, using dietary supplements, tackles acne both topically and systemically,” explains Judy.

Their patented formulation with SB5-BIOTRxTM combines the strategic use of high-dose vitamin B5, with other essential vitamins in an oral supplement is the first step to an effective 3 step system that helps reduce  acne from within. Vitamin B5 is a core ingredient that may help regulate the over production of skin oil, known as ‘sebum’. Skin B5 has patented a formulation with SB5-BIOTRxTM, combining the strategic use of vitamin B5 with other essential vitamins in a 3-step system to help reduce acne. “I know what it is like to suffer the pain of early adulthood acne – you feel so isolated and alone, wanting to hide and not show your face to the world. That is why I founded SkinB5, to help acne sufferers overcome this pain and gain confidence again to thrive.”